EMPIRE Playing Cards (Limited Edition) by Lee McKenzie

Digital mock ups of the Empire Playing Cards. A life-changing, dream project of mine that I’ve been pouring myself into for the last year.

They’re a limitied edition (3000), obsessively detailed and powerful design inspired by an age that revelled in quests for world domination and building empires. Playing cards built to conquer.  

Printed at Q1 quality on traditional Bicycle card stock by the United States Playing Card Co, with a gold foiled and embossed tuck case, printed with a rich blood red interior. 

They were launched on Kickstarter and successfully funded by over 800 amazing backers. The last remaning decks will be available at KingsandCrooks.com.

 I’ll update these illustrations with photos of the real product when I have them.


Source: Behance.net

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