El Al Playing Cards by Jean David

Playing cards produced by El Al and beautifully illustrated by Jean David.

They depict Kings, Queens and Heroes from Israel’s biblical past, and come as a boxed pair of sets with an illustrated cardboard sleeve.

The cards are indeed beautiful and are also nice depictions of the biblical characters – wise Solomon with his scrolls, Jonathan with his arrows, Samson with his jawbone, etc., and reflect the tradition of representing the legendary or historical characters on cards.

There is a nice nod to the Paris court tradition of playing card characters by keeping the depiction of David as the King of Spades.

Of the other traditional biblical characters, Sheba replaces Rachel as Queen of Diamonds and (unsurprisingly) Judith is replaced with Esther as Queen of Hearts.

Julius Caesar is an obvious one to leave off (far better to show Solomon), and instead of the sometimes-shown Judas Maccabeus as Jack of Clubs there’s another leader of a revolt, Bar Giora.


El Al Playing Cards by Jean David.jpg

Source: Ministryoftype.co.uk

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