Midsummer Night’s Dream Playing Cards by Brittany Richardson

This piece was done as my final for my Illustration class. It’s a playing card redesign themed, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The characters are all done in Painter IX, and the design for the back of the card is done in Adobe Illustrator 11.

My piece shows the heart suit as well as the joker and the cards’ back design. This suit contains characters, Oberon (King), Titania (Queen), Puck (Jack), and Cupid demonstrating Love’s Folly (Ace).

Nick Bottom naturally plays the part of the joker. Although only the hearts are shown here, the other suits would also contain related characters from the same play as follows:
King – Lysander, Queen – Hermia, Jack – Egeus, Ace – Cupid demonstrating Love’s Loyalty
King – Theseus, Queen – Hippolyta, Jack – Philostrate, Ace – Cupid demonstrating Love’s Precedence
King – Demetrius, Queen – Helena, Jack – The Craftsmen, Ace – Cupid demonstrating Love’s Persistence

Midsummer Night’s Dream Playing Cards by Brittany Richardson.jpg

Source: Cgsociety.org


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