La Boca Playing Cards by Ashley Gaffney

Ashley Gaffney Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio that focuses on branding and marketing design for daring businesses and experiential events.

My original inspiration came from a town called La Boca in Argentina.

This town, which means ‘the mouth’, was built at the mouth of the river and harbored Italian immigrants in the 19th century. As immigrants, they had to rely on old metals and leftover paints from the ships that came in from the sea to import items.

Because of this, the city resembles the exact opposite of our modern day, coveted neighborhood, displaying houses made from corrugated metals and found items which range in colors from magenta to sherbet green to golden yellow.

In combination with the Hispanic history, I selected the typeface ‘Ibarra’ which is a traditional Hispanic serif typeface, and was used in the first printed edition of Don Quijote.

While experimenting with the letterforms of the typeface, I found that the ‘y’ was a slightly ornamental form that could be replicated to produce decorative patterns. Thus, all the designs on the cards are made from connected or intertwined ‘y’s’.

The colors chosen for the cards were directly selected from images of La Boca and the cards themselves embody the Italian/Hispanic fusion that was born in the town of La Boca.

La Boca Playing Cards by Ashley Gaffney (4)La Boca Playing Cards by Ashley Gaffney (2)La Boca Playing Cards by Ashley Gaffney (3)La Boca Playing Cards by Ashley Gaffney (1)



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